May 2007, Rio Vista, CA

TV News and Press Agencies are free to use these films and pictures.
Credit to the authors is appreciated but not manditory.

The videos below were taken during the lost Humpback Whale's (Delta and Dawn's) stay in Rio Vista, CA. It was an honor to have such magnificent creatures at our doorstep for a few days.
These pictures were taken from our back yard.

Video Clips of the Lost Whales:

Lost Whale Calf Slaps His Tail 05/22/07

Lost Mother Whale Recieves Antibiotic Dart 05/26/07

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Clips filmed by Ed Truthan / Audio: Simultaneous Coast Gaurd Radio Transmissions

Still Photo of Mother Whale Being Darted With Anti-Biotics:
Photo by Don Roos of Rio Vista

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