SIRP (Stikine Icefield Research Program)
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Thanks to some very helpful web posts by SIRP users we have been made aware of a few minor issues. Current and future updates and fixes may be viewed and downloaded here. If you're having a problem you don't see it remedied here, please use the contact information below and we'll be happy to help you. Thanks!

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1. Mesh Problem at the SIRP Depot at PAPG
2. Texture Blurries SIRP Depot at PAPG

3. Twin Windsocks at TFG3 "Patterson Camp"
4. Occasional "Grayed Out" Scenery Items
5. "Floating Objects" or Missing Scenery Items
6. Omitted Abacus Library Default Textures

Any Other Problems?

1. Mesh problem at the SIRP Depot at PAPG:
Some users have reported sunken buildings and rough ground at the SIRP Depot. The original "AF2_depot.bgl" in the "AFCAD" folder in the SIRP Depot's root folder is intended to render the flatten and asphalt texture information but seems not to work on some systems. Placing the "AF2_depot.bgl" file directly in your "SIRP Depot/Scenery" folder, rather than in you usual AFCAD location or elsewhere, may alleviate the issue. In addition, the flatten file below should fix any problems you're having. Place the contents of the zip your "SIRP Depot" folder and check to see if the problem has cleared up.

2. Texture Blurries SIRP Depot at PAPG:
If you are experiencing "Blurry" textures at and around PAPG Petersburg Airport and the SIRP Depot, we've traced the problem to one small un-mipped texture from a 3rd party EZ library: "". The EZ BGL is "ez-vintage hangers.bgl". The offending texture is named "zinc.bmp" from the textures that go with that library. (It adds trim to the main hanger at the Depot and for some reason was stopping the textures around PAPG from sharpening). Download this zip, and place the single texture within it in the EZ Library "Texture" folder of the location where the above BGL resides. The BGL may have duplicates on your system so make sure and replace all the "zinc.bmp" instances associated with that that BGL on your system.

Here's the single bitmap you need:

3. Twin Windsocks at TFG3 "Patterson Camp":
To get rid of the twin windsock at TFG3, delete the "TFG3_apw_ws.bgl". in your "SIRP/Scenery" folder. It contains only the second windsock and was a test file that was mistakenly left in the folder.

4. If You Have an Occasional "Grayed Out" Scenery item:
A few individuals have reported missing or "grayed out" textures (for example the hangar at TFG2 and some missing oil drum textures). This is usually an EZ file problem of some sort, which can vary widely from system to system. It's a common problem that creeps up here and there in FS and isn't necessarily limited to or caused by SIRP proper but by the 3rd party EZ libraries it uses.

Often, duplicate copies of active EZ Files can cause the problem. Reducing the number of a given EZ file to ONE instance in FS will sometimes clear up the problem. In the case of the two SIRP objects mentioned above, problems for several users dissapeared when only ONE instance of the files below was left active in FS:

For the SIRP oil drums, the file is "lens_ez_oil_drums.bgl" from Len Hickmans's "".
In the case of the TFG2 Hanger, the file is "GA-Hangers_lib.bgl" from Steve Ziegler's "".

Other sceneries requiring these or other EZ files will still find them in FS so long as at least ONE copy is left active. Just make sure that the file resides in an activated "Scenery" folder, and that all the default textures for that file reside in the respective "Texture" folder, and you should be alright. For more information about troubleshooting this type of problem check this page: EZ File Troubleshooting

If you need help identifying a particular culprit or finding a remedy you can either e-mail Amigo Ed Truthan with specific inquiries and he will assist in identifying the problem for you, or post your issue at SimFlight Network's Tongass Fjords Support Forum and we'll respond as soon as we can. Try and include a screenshot of the object(s) in question, as it helps identify the parent EZ Library.

5. "Floating Objects"/ Missing Scenery Items
This likely means you haven't installed a required EZ File required to render the the missing element. E-mail Amigo Ed Truthan with specific inquiries and he'll help you identify the item(s) in question. Try and include a screenshot of the obseved anomaly, as it helps identify the parent EZ Library.

6. We Omitted Some Default "Abacus Library" Textures: Though it shouldn't effect SIRP, this fix may prevent current (or avoid future) problems with other sceneries. Explanation: We included three of Abacus' default BGL libraries (AB_vehicles.bgl, AB_misc.bgl, and AB_buildings.bgl) in the "SIRP/Scenery" folder, and (not heeding my own advice above), I omitted some textures associated with those libraries (they're not used in SIRP) from "SIRP/Texture" folder. So, just in case other sceneries may call on these files, ALL the textures really ought to be present. There are two ways to rectify this depending on your setup.

Implement which ever situation applies to you:

Remove the "AB_vehicles.bgl", "AB_misc.bgl", and "AB_buildings.bgl" from the SIRP/Scenery folder... you don't need them since already have them.

Download this zip (1.79MB): and place the 1 BGL and 21 textures in it in your "SIRP" "Scenery" and "Texture" folders, so other author's sceneries that call for the above files can always find all the textures. (As a bonus, you'll now have all 4 of Abacus' default libraries installed as well).

Any Other Problems?
Users with SIRP problems or questions not addressed here may either post their issue at SimFlight Network's Tongass Fjords Support Forum
or e-mail Amigo Ed Truthan with specific inquiries and he will assist you in identifying the problem.

Field Expedition 8A...half a day from TFG8
"Sawyer Saddle Camp"

We hope you enjoy SIRP....THANKS!  -The Amigos

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